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White-eared Sibia
Medium-sized (23cm) arboreal babbler with black crown and unique white lores, eye-ring and broad white eye-stripe, prolonged backwards and upward-ending in long spreading filamentous plumes. Throat, breast and upper back grey; rest of underparts pinkish-cinnamon, lower back and rump rufous. Tail black with central feathers tipped whitish. Iris--brown; bill--black; feet--pink.  Call is resonant repeated fei fei fei...rising at the end or rattling de de de de.
Distribution:Endemic to Taiwan
Habitat:Common in oak forest of Taiwan from 1200-3000m, locally down to 200m in winter.
Sometimes gathers in small parties to feed in fruiting and flowering trees. Active and not shy.

Bird id:B0370
Chinese name:白耳畫眉
scientific name:Heterophasia auricularis
English name:White-eared Sibia
Order: Passeriformes

Digital Museum of Zoology
National Taiwan University