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Taiwanese Hwamei

Large (18cm) brown babbler with floppy crest and sides of head dark chestnut, mantle and rump grey, throat reddish-chestnut. Centre of back rufous-brown and breast olive-brown with pale streaks. Abdomen and vent are rufous-brown. Wing feathers are barred with black and tail is tipped white. Iris--brown; bill--black; feet--pinkish. Voice is soft jiao jiao or in alarm a hurried, husky jia jia jia.
Distribution:Endemic to Taiwan.
Habitat:Common resident of deciduous forest undergrowth at 1200-1300m in the central mountain range of Taiwan.
Ecology:Active and noisy. Lives in small flocks which shuffle agilely about among branches catching small insects.

Bird id:B0367
Chinese name:
scientific name:Garrulax taewanus
English name:Taiwanese Hwamei
Order: Passeriformes


Digital Museum of Zoology
National Taiwan University