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Swinhoe's Pheasant

Smallish (24cm) grey partridge with conspicuous black and white face markings. Crown grey; sides of head black with long white eyebrow, white chin and throat extending into bold white patch below eye. Broad black half collar underlined by whitish and buff. Bare orbital skin red; back and tail olive barred with black; wing rufous with three grey bars; breast blue-grey, streaked with white on flanks; abdomen whitish. Iris--brown; bill--blackish-grey; feet--red. Repeated guru, guru... rising in pitch then falling back suddenly after climax
Endemic to Taiwan. Globally Near-threatened. Confined to central mountains and eastern slopes where it is not uncommon in broadleaf forests between 700and 2300m

Bird id:B0152
Chinese name:帝雉
scientific name:Syrmaticus mikado
English name:Mikado's Pheasant






Digital Museum of Zoology
National Taiwan University