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Formosan Hill Partridge

Medium-sized (19cm) bulbul with black cap and moustachial on otherwise white head. There is an orange spotat base of lower bill. Upperparts olive, wings and tail brown edged olive-yellow. Underparts whitish with grey breast and brownish flanks. Iris--dark brown; bill--black; feet--black. Similar to light-vented Bulbul. Loud variable qiao-keli, qiao-keli.
Endemic to Taiwan. Gllobally Near-threatened. Occasional bird of lowlands up to 600m in SE parts of island. Occurs in lowland habitats where light-vented Bulbul is absent. There is a small overlap zone near Fanliao.
Typical forest bulbul

Bird id:B0146
Chinese name:深山竹雞
scientific name:Arborophila crudigularis
English name:Taiwan Hill Partridge

Digital Museum of Zoology
National Taiwan University