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Milionia zonea (M .pryeri) (Druce, 1888)

Larvae feed on pine (Podocarpaceae, Araucariaceae etc.), so also called as “pine moth”. Body and wing Color black. Wingspan length 54 - 59 mm, wings metallic sapphire blue, fore- and hind-wing with a wide orange banding stripes, and several black round spots on the orange stripes of hind wings. Adults appear in May - September. A diurnal species. Distribution: throughout the low altitude mountains in Taiwan.

Category:type specimen
Chinese name:橙帶藍尺蛾
Scientific name:Milionia zonea (M .pryeri) (Druce, 1888)
English name:Geometrid moth
Author:Shipher Wu




Department and graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University