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Pazala euroeus asakurae (Matsumura)

Wingspan length 50 - 60 mm, wing color white with black stripes on both sides of fore- and hind-wings. Anal area of hind wing with yellow spots. This butterfly with sword-like extention on hind wind is also called as “sword swallowtails” in Chinese. Larvae feed on Lauraceae (Cinnamommum camphora, Cinnamomum randaiense etc.). Adults appear in March - May. Distribution: throughout the low altitude mountains in Taiwan.

Category: teaching specimen
Chinese name:昇天鳳蝶
Scientific name:Pazala euroeus asakurae (Matsumura)
English name:Swallowtails; Parnasians
Author:Chun yen Chang



Department and graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University