Geological Online Bilingual Thematic Exhibition

NTU Digital Archives Project
Geological Online Bilingual Thematic Exhibition


1. Origin and Goal:
The Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University is implementing an online bilingual thematic exhibition on the results of the Project.  The goals are in facilitating public or private utilization, and promoting the exchange from the general public and the international academic societies.
2. Online Exhibition Produced by:
National Taiwan University, Department of Geosciences
3.  Theme of Online Exhibition: The Beauty of Taiwan Minerals
The mainframe of the exhibit is a selected collection of ten specimens of minerals specific to Taiwan.  It intends to publicize the specific characteristics of the geological aspects of Taiwan as well as their value and importance.  Thus, a door to the geology of Taiwan is opened to visitors who are more than welcome to explore or browse in appreciation.
NTU Digital Archives of Geosciences Department 
National Taiwan University