Memoirs on Taipei
Once a sleepy valley, Taipei today is the bustling centre of Taiwan's commerce, government and culture. Most of the city is barely a century old, but the capital is frenetic, energetic, and busy making up for the lost time! 
Let us follow the National Taiwan University’s research initiative on database documentary of Taipei, specializing in urban memoirs and digital city symphonies.Explore the unrevealed side of Taipei and the rich natural/cultural resources through the inventive interface design. 
“If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new,”  said Voltaire. Fortunately, you shall find every image historical and enjoyable in this exhibition.
Operating Instruction:
There are three temporal themes (Chin, the Japanese Authority, and R.O.C.) in the system:
1. Click on the Taipei Basin in the view of whole island
2. Move the cursor along the timeline at the bottom for navigating between eras (brief introductions and representative pictures will pop up).
3. Click on any picture to view its detailed description
4. Click on the magnifying glass at the right of the picture to zoom in/out
Institute:National Taiwan University