Camp Taiwan
  I. Longmen Camp (龍門營區)
Gongliao (Gungliao) Township, New Taipei City

1. Introduction
The Longmen Campsite is located near the bank of Shuangxi River, a gentle-flowing river on the northeast coast of Taiwan. The site offers water sports such as fishing and rafting in addition to camping activities. There are a variety of campsites to choose from: tent sites on grass or raised wooden platforms, RV sites, etc. Log cabins are also available.

2. Nearby Attractions
(1) Fulong Beach
Located at the mouth of Shuangxi River at Santiaowan, Gongliao Township, New Taipei City, Fulong beach stretches 3 kilometers with golden sand. It is a place for swimming, surfing, sliding, canoeing, and sailing. Every summer, the Gongliao Hohaiyan Rock Festival is held here, offering independent music artists an opportunity to perform on stage.
(2) Bitou Cape Park
Bitou Cape is one of three capes in northern Taiwan. Most of the sea-eroded landform types of the entire Northeast Coast are found here, including sea cliffs, undercut bluffs, and platforms such as mush-room-shaped rocks, honeycomb rock, tofu (bean curd) rock, and marine fossils.
II. Tsou Mai Lai Farm (走馬瀨農場)
Yuching Township, Tainan County
Photo by: Tsou Ma Lai Farm
1. Introduction
Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, operated by Tainan County Farmers' Association, is a recreational farm with various lodging facilities accommodating 450 people. It is surrounded on three sides by Tzeng Wen Creek, Wu Shan Hill, and Mt. Ali range. Over 300 years ago, the farm was one of the residences of Siraya Pingpu tribe. Now, it is the sightseeing center of six neighboring scenic spots: Tseng Wen Reservoir, Wu Shan Tou Reservoir, Hu Tou Lake, Nanhua Reservoir, Yushan National Park, and Southern Cross-Island Highway.
2. Nearby Attractions
(1) Moon World

Photo by: Digital Taiwan – Culture & Nature 

At Moon World in Tainan City’s Zuojhen District, powerful forces of erosion on its terrain of shale, mudstone, and sandstone have created a rugged landscape of bare, jagged ridges and hence its name.


(2) Hsiaopei Night Market

Photo by: Digital Taiwan – Culture & Nature

This night market’s stalls serve many kinds of snacks, including coffin bread, eel noodles, grilled seafood, oyster omelets, pot-edged pancake soup, and stinky tofu.


(3) Taiwan Salt Museum



Taiwan Salt Museum is currently the only theme museum dedicated to the salt production in Taiwan. Right across from the Museum is the Cigu Salt Field office surrounded by greenery, an artificial lake, and a scenic trail.
Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
1. Introduction
Kenting Youth Activity Center is situated at the southern tip of Taiwan and looks out towards the Philippines across the Bashi Strait. Occupying an area of 25 hectares, the Center is composed of 17 traditional Min (a province in southern China) courtyard architectures, with a total boarding capacity of up to 450 persons. The surrounding Kenting National Park is renowned for its rich landscape of hills and cliffs, coral reefs, Houbihu fishing harbor, Oluanpi Lighthouse, and Maobitou coastline.
2. Nearby Attractions
Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, spanning 150 hectares, is situated at the center of Hengchun Peninsula, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It offers abundant varieties of tropical fauna and flora.

(2) National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium




Located northwest of Kenting National Park, the museum officially opened in 2000. It has three main exhibits: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World. The museum also houses two research buildings, a marine station, and an Aquatic Animal Refuge Center.