National Museum of Natural Science: The Digital Museum for Children

The National Museum of Natural Science produced a flash game in its “Digital Museum for Children.” Through interactive activities, a child can explore the Botanic Island, Animal Island, Geologic Island, Fungous Island and Human Island to gain knowledge of the plants, animals, fossils, fungus and archeology, respectively. After registration, a child can then access more units of the game and accumulate scores. A link to the game is provided below.


Hot Learning

Fungi Family
Fungi spread almost everywhere in the world, up to the sky and down to the sea. They can grow in air, water, soil, and the inside or outside of different kinds of living things. Coming only after insects, fungi form the second largest biota.




The Master of Log-Cultivation Mushrooms
Log-cultivation Process:
1.Select a piece of wood log: Chop a log of 1m from a Chinese guger, chestnut  or oak tree.
2.Drill holes: Drill more than 10 holes in wood.
3.Plant seedings.




Entomic cyclopaedia
Are insects unpleasant and terrible-looking creatures? Or are they delicate animals with good flexibility? Are the soft-bodied and crawling creature, such as silkworms, insects? Do insects always have wings? What exactly is an insect?




The Time Capsule
History of the earth is unimaginably long in comparison to human’s own. If one must calculate earth’s history to dig deeper, the earth is now 4.6 billion years old.





Hot Games

Mushroom Farm
There is a wide variety of artificial cultivations methods for edible mushrooms, which can be classified as log-cultivation and spent substrate cultivation. You will learn about mushroom cultivation methods on this Mushroom Farm.



Mushroom Picking Competition
We often come across various kinds of cute-looking fungi in outdoor areas. Are you familiar with types of poisonous mushrooms?





Dinosaur Warriors
To survive in this world, dinosaurs are equipped with different biological structures and functions. Do you want to learn about dinosaurs?




The Adventure of Fossils
Fossils are like a treasure chest, unveiling the secrets of ancient life.





Crazy Ferris Wheel
The term “prehistoric animals” not only covers dinosaurs, but a diverse range of mammals and birds.





The Escape of Prehistoric Organisms_Herbivore Zone
To survive in this world, herbivore dinosaurs evolved into various species with distinctive characteristics and sizes. Do you want to learn about the dinosaurs?




Bug Rescue
To survive in this world, tiny insects are equipped with strategies to avoid their predators. Do you want to learn about the insects?



The Adventure of Bug Factory
There are many tiny creatures in our house that we often mistake for insects. Do you know how to distinguish insects from other creatures in your house?




Mushroom Feast
The wide applications of fungi have made them an integral part of our diet. After customers order the courses, the instruction and recipe will appear on top of the screen. Select the ingredients and follow the instructions. Add ingredients and cook, stir-fry and deep-fry.


Fun Shots with Bugs
Insects all look alike. We often mistake one insect species for another.





Frog Paradise
Taiwan has 34 species of frog and toad. Most of them live by swamps, streams, water fields and other areas with water. Every species of frog has its favorite place to lay eggs.



The Escape of Prehistoric Organisms_Carnivore Zone
Tyrannosaurus and velociraptor are the most recognizable carnivorous dinosaurs. The meat-eating dinosaurs evolved into separate species with different characteristics and sizes.



The Escape of Prehistoric Organisms_Gliding Zone
A group of flying reptiles appeared in the prehistoric sky. Their appearance was unlike any known modern birds and bats.





Text and images are provided by National Museum of Natural Science (The Digital Museum of Nature & Culture)