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Tamsui Customs Wharf

Tags: architecture | pier | Tamsui

The Customs Wharf used to be the base of the navy force in the Ch’ing Dynasty. In 1861, Tamsui established its customhouse and the base became a pier. The customs pier began operating on July 18, 1862. Towards the late Ching Dynasty, Tamsui had developed into the largest commercial port and played a significant role in international trade. This is the only remaining pier built in the Ching Dynasty and is still used as a navy base today.

The Customs Wharf was constructed by piling up stones from the Kuanyin Mountain. Although slightly eroded by ocean waves, the pier retains the main structure as built in the Ching Dynasty. It is significant for its historical value in the development of civil engineering. The rows of trees along the river and the piles of stones by the Customs Wharf create a magnificent scene for the Tamsui riverbank.  



Text and images are provided byTamsui Historical Digital Archives Program,Taiwan (Department of Architecture, Tamkang University)