Tamsui Fu You Temple

Tags: architecture | Tamsui | temple

The Fu You Temple stands opposite the Kuanyin Mountain across the Tamsui River. Facing the southwest, the temple has behind it a long history tied to the early development of the Tamsui region.

The front square of the temple leads to the pier, which served as the center of commercial activities in the past. The Fu You Temple was built with ‘twin halls with twin porches”, an architecture style characteristic of the southern part of Fu Kien Province in China, unique for its intricate stone and brick carvings. The inscribed steles and columns not only contain records of local social customs, but also serve as significant literature for studying the early history of Tamsui.

According to historical sources, the construction of the Fu You Temple started in 1782 and was completed in 1796. Although it has been renovated several times, the temple still retains much of its original structure. 



Text and images are provided by Tamsui Historical Digital Archives Program,Taiwan (Department of Architecture, Tamkang University)