Tamsui Longshan Temple

Tags: architecture | Tamsui | temple

The Longshan Temple was originally built in the 1850s, but it was said to be destroyed by an earthquake shortly after. It was rebuilt in 1858 to worship Kuanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy revered by Chinese immigrants from the Fu Kien Province. The Longshan Temple in Tamsui was one of the five constructed in Taiwan during the Ch'ing Dynasty.

The Longshan Temple was a significant Buddhist monument in Tamsui. With its high ceiling, exquisite stone sculptures, and magnificent dragon columns in the central hall, the temple preserves some of its original architectural style. Although the front square and the rear garden have been transformed into a busy market, it brings out the tranquillity that can still be found in the central yard of the temple.



Text and images are provided by Tamsui Historical Digital Archives Program,Taiwan (Department of Architecture, Tamkang University)