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Feng-shan—The Japanese Colonial Period Map of Taiwan

Tags: documents | Japanese colonial period | maps


Date: 1904
Illustration: Feng-shan—The Japanese Colonial Period Map of Taiwan
Scale: 1/20,000
Original archiving department: Library of Congress
Description: The Japanese Colonial Period Map of Taiwan is one of the achievements of the Japanese Colonial Government accomplished while undertaking a land survey of Taiwan from 1898-1904. The map was drawn from a complex land survey and cadastral measurement using methods such as triangulation and level measurements. The map is meticulously marked with administrative lines of the streets, villages, and forts, the condition of land use, the names of villages, rivers, and waterways among others. The map was used as the map of a military fortress at that time. Since there was not a digital copy of the map, a printed copy of the map was brought back from the Library of Congress to Taiwan for further digitization in 2001.
Text and images are provided by The Map and Remote Sensing Imagery Digital Archive Project, Academia Sinica