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Two Round Conjoined Containers in Carved Red Lacquer

Tags: lacquer | National Palace Museum | vessel


Ch'ien-lung Reign (1736-1795), Ch'ing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Length: 29 cm, width: 19.8 cm 
With two round vessels conjoined together, this is known as a "double-union (shuang-yüan) treasure chest". The surface was applied with two kinds of colored lacquer. Underneath is dark yellow, while on top is bright red. When carved, it gives the decoration a dual-color scheme. The panels on the surface are carved in relief with images of tribute, while the inside of the object is coated in dark red lacquer, with flowers painted in gold pigment. The interior of the foot of the vessel is also painted in dark red lacquer, bearing inscriptions engraved and filled with gold pigment reading, "Double-union Treasure Chest" and "Made in the Ch'ien-lung Reign of the Great Ch'ing".

Text: Yu P'ei-chin

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