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P'eng-tsu-ting Ting

Tags: bronzes | National Palace Museum | vessel | Western Chou | Yin Period


Late Yin (1300-1046 BC) to early Western Chou period (1046-771 BC)
Height: 85.5, rim diameter: 59.4 cm, weight: 94.65 kg 
Going by the former name "Tzu-ho-pei tsu-ting ting", this is the heaviest and largest ting in the collection of the National Palace Museum. It measures 85.5 centimeters high, has a rim diameter of 59.4 cm, and weighs 94.65 kilograms. The grand and majestic shape of the vessel is decorated with animal-mask patterns in relief for an even grander effect. The initial character of the inscription, "P'eng", is the symbol of the clan of the person who made this vessel for the sacrifices in honor of his grandfather "Ting" (known by his sacrificial name).

Text: Yu Kuo-ching

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