Lo-Yang Destroyer

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  .Length:348 ft. 2 in.
.Width:36.5 ft.   
.Max. Speed:35 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:15 kts.  
.Draft:19 ft.   
.Displacement:2,575 tons(maximum)
                          1,620 tons(standard)


DD-14 was the ex-USS Benson, DD-421, the Benson-class destroyer, laid down by Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, MA. on May 16, 1938, launched on November 15, 1939 and commissioned on July 25, 1940. USS Benson had joined six important operations in World War II with great achievement and received five battle stars.

USS Benson was transferred to ROC Navy and received by Mr. Ku, Wei-Jiun, ROC Taiwan ambassador to US on February 26, 1954. The commissioning ceremony was held by Vice Admiral Liang, Shu-Chou, the former Commander-In-Chief of Navy, and renamed as Lo-Yang with the hull number DD-14. On April 27, 1955, DD-14 was commanded by Defense Minister, Mr. Yu, Da-Wei and the CINC , Admiral Liang, Shu-Chao to review Matzu island and firing Bei-Chiao peninsula of Mt. Fen-Chi, Huang-Chi etc.

On August 20, 1958, DD-14 was assigned as the flagship for the late President Chiang Kai-Shek to review the offshore islands, Kinmen and Matzu. DD-14 also patrolled the Taiwan Strait and escorted convoying the supply and transport tasks to Kinmen successfully.

Replaced by the new procured ex-USS Allen M. Sumner class destroyers in 1974, DD-14 was finally decommissioned from service on November 1, 1974 after a long and fabulous career.

The commissioning ceremony of DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang.

The officers and crews boarded the DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang at the commissioning ceremony.

The DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang sailed at sea.


I spent only four years serving at DD-14, Lo-Yang, but I participated several campaigns and operations and witnessed the glorified moments of ROC Navy. Right before the August 23, 1958 Kinmen Bombing, with the perspectives and previews, the late President Chiang, Kai-Shek got onboard to sail to Kinmen and Matzu to review the combat readiness of the offshore forces. Once the Kinmen Bombing outbreak, DD-14 covered and escorted the supply group under the threat of hostile firing, and finally won the battle. I still remembered one time the DD-14 was tasked to embark Mr. Chiang, Ching-Kuo to review the offshore islands combat readiness. Mr. Chiang, Ching-Kuo was very kind that he even taught us how to sing the song "Two tigers" ( "Where is thumb king" ), and that was the most impressive moment I will never forget.

Besides, DD-14 even performed the base training and allied exercises with the 7th Fleet, USN. Our skills and tactics received highly praise of US Navy commander, and earned the respects and honors for ROC Navy.

Mr. Yang Chia-Liang
served as the engineering petty officer at DD-14 from 1955 to 1959

The commemorative stamp of DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang. The top-right corner is the first Commanding Officer, Captain Yu, Bo-Shen.

Vice Admiral Lee, the Fleet Commander reviewed the personnel inspection of the crews at DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang.

The students boarded and visited the DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang.

Mr. Yu, Bo-Shen, the first Commanding Officer accompanied by Admiral Liu, He-Chian, the Chairman,General Chiefs of Staff, MND boarded and reviewed DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang.

The decommissioning officers and crews debarked the DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang with great memories.

The DD-14, ROCS Lo-Yang was towed to the 4th Naval Shipyard by ATF-548, ROCS Da-Tung after decommissioning.


Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)