Special Feature

1.  Digital Taiwan- Images

Here is an image database where digitized feats from institutions in Taiwan (such as Academia Sinica, Postal Museum, and National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine) are assembled so that you can glimpse into the diversified cultural assets of the country.



2.  2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition and Digital Archives Program

"Digital Taiwan Culture & Nature" and "Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility (TaiBIF)" were authorized by the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government to combine information from the Flora Expo's database of 500 species of cultivated flowers with that from the digital archives program. The objective is to promote Taiwan's rich biodiversity and provide biodiversity data to the world community.

This system successfully integrated TaiBIF's species occurrence data and Flora Expo's data. It lets a visitor select from flower colors to learn about all the plants which produce that color of flowers. Through TaiBIF's species occurrence data platform, a visitor can also see what museums or herbaria in Taiwan have specimens of a particular flower in their collections and the distribution range of the species.



3.  Much-awaited opening of “Temple of Heaven and Earth” is here

People who wish to learn about Taiwan’s temple culture are blessed. Do you know how to pray in these temples? Do you know how to cast divination blocks, draw bamboo sticks, or have evil spirits exorcised? Do you know the symbolism behind each god and offering? Take a step into the “Temple of Heaven and Earth” to unlock the mystery of temples in Taiwan!



4.  3D Exhibition of TEES

What is TEES? It stands for the four stories that we composed for you on the Tatala Boat, the Earthenware, the Earthquake Fish, and the Shovel Bug.