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Catalogue of the Taisho Tripitaka (Taishô Shinshu Daizôkyô) 《大正藏》經錄

The Taisho Tripitaka, full name Taisho Edition Tripitaka, was compiled in 1924 by Takakusu Junjirou and Watanabe Kaikyoku and published in 1934, the Taisho Era in Japan. Comprised of 100 volumes, the Taisho edition can be divided into three parts: main works 55 volumes, sequels 30 volumes, and supplement 15 volumes (12 on Buddhist iconography and 3 on indexes). It contains the most number of Buddhist canons collected and is distinctive for its organization of canons. The main works are categorized as the following:


Main works:

  • Sutra Pitaka (10 chapters): Agama, Jataka, Prajna Paramita, Lotus Sutra, Avatamsaka, Ratnakuṭa, Nirvana, Mahasannipata, Sutrasannipata, and Tantra.
  • Discipline Pitaka: Mahisasaka, Mahasanghika, Dharmagupta, Sarvāstivāda, Kasyapiya, Bodhisattva, etc.
  • Commentary Pitaka (5 chapters): Sutravyakaraṇa (treatises explaining the sutras), Abhidharma, Madhyamaka, Yoga, and Sastra
  • Samyukta-pitaka (8 divisions): Sutravibhaṣa, Vinayavibhaṣa, Sastravibhaṣa, Sarvasamaya, Histories, Collected Matters, Non-Buddhist Teachings, and the index


  • 29 volumes of Buddhist commentaries, Sarvasamaya and Siddham written by the Japanese
  • 1 volume: the Ancient Chapter (古逸) and the Similar Chapter (疑似), and some missing works and expositions from Dunhuang, China
  • Buddhist iconography 12 volumes: 363 pieces of drawings about the esoteric deities, Vajra, and Mandala diagrams that had been held by Japanese temples
  • 3 volumes of indexes: table of contents from a number of 77 Chinese and Japanese Tripitaka

This database provides the digitized catalogue of the Taisho Tripitaka.

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