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DANBURY The certainty is this: The year will end without a contract settlement between the workers at the and its owners.What the next step will be, nba jerseys no one is quite sure. Either the negotiations can continue in January, cheap nfl jerseys promo code or the owners HealthBridge Management might lock out workers and bring in a new staff. a spokeswoman for HealthBridge, confirmed in an email Friday that HealthBridge's nursing homes in the state "have told the union that if they are not able to reach new contracts by midnight on December 31, 2011, nfljerseysupply cc review each affiliated Health Care Center will have to give serious consideration to locking out its bargaining unit employees."If that happened,nfl shop broncos jerseys it would be an expansion of the tactic HealthBridge has used at its in Milford, where the company locked out workers in mid December.That issue has now become part of the negotiations HealthBridge has offered to end the lockout in Milford if the unions at the five other nursing care homes HealthBridge owns in Connecticut agree to the company's terms.discount hockey jerseys canada The two sides met Wednesday. Crutchfield said that after that session, best places to buy nba jerseys HealthBridge offered to meet around the clock to reach an agreement, but she said the union broke off negotiations."It is the union who is continuing to refuse to come back to the table or agree to any more bargaining dates,'' she said.Popper said, however, that 1199 believes the negotiations should continue.There are two big obstacles to overcome. One is HealthBridge's plan to end the pension plan it now offers workers and to replace it with a 401(k) plan that would be funded largely by employee contributions. nfl youth jerseys for sale Employees who are currently enrolled in the pension plan would continue to be eligible for its benefits.Popper said 1199 wants to keep the pension plan in place. But she said HealthBridge has never given the union any information about the 401(k) plan such as how it would work or who would manage it.Crutchfield said the company has given the union "extensive information" about the plan.The other major issue concerns the prospect of 1199 employees sharing the cost of their health insurance something they currently do not do.Popper said that in Wednesday's negotiating session, nfl jerseys 2014 for sale the union made a major concession by agreeing that its employees would share health care costs."That was big wall for us," she said.However, Crutchfield said, the union's offer was insufficient. Under 1199's offer, custom nfl jersey children single employees would pay $60 a year toward their health insurance; employees with one dependent would pay $120; employees with families would pay $180 a year, Crutchfield said

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