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1 Scholars in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Period
2 Listen to the Voiceless Glory!
3 Stones with Emotion ── Bringing the Beauty of Taiwan to the Global Stage
4 The Cultural Significance of Snuff Bottles
5 Delineating Appearances: Portrait Painting
6 Chi Mei Museum Violin Collection
7 Lotus, Lotus, When Do You Bloom? — A Telltale Sign of Summer
8 National Museum of History—Zhang Daqian’s Lotus Masterpieces
9 Ma Paishui’s "The Beauty of Taroko National Park"
10 Choice Collection: The Masterpieces, Patterns and Aesthetic Features of Tang Tricolor Pottery
11 The TaoTieh pattern on Chinese antiques
12 The Development of Calligraphy and Painting Exchanges between Taiwan and Japan During the Japanese Colonial Period
13 A Story on the Origin of Shang Culture
14 Wandering Light and Roaming Clouds – Autobiography
15 Drums Resonating Across the Mountains: U-Theatre
16 Marvelous Attainments of Creation: The Paintings of Lü Ji
17 From the Brush of Xuande: Painting and Calligraphy of the Ming Emperor Xaunzong
18 The Mystery of Bronze
19 Uncanny Ingenuity and Celestial Feats -- The Carvings of Ming and Qing Dynasties
20 The Bell and Cauldron Inscriptions–A Feast of Chinese Characters: the Origin and Development
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