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41. The Battleship "Amerigo Vespucci"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Named after the Italian pilot who first mapped the New World, and from whose name comes the word “ America ”, the Amerigo Vespucci was built at Castellmare and launched in 1931. She is still ...
42. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers (CVN)
(Matching tags: craft,aircraft carrier)
Launched in May 1972, the USS Nimitz was the second nuclear powered aircraft carrier built in the United States . The USS Nimitz is 1,040 feet long, and her flight deck is 252 feet wide. She is driven ...
43. Missouri Battleship
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Launched in 1944, the battleship Missouri provided artillery support for the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa during World War II. The formal instrument of surrender by Japan to the Allied forces was signed ...
44. The Battleship "Great Harry"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Henry VIII of England had this immense 1,000 ton, four masted warship built in 1514 to meet the growing threat of invasion by the Spanish. More a fortress than a ship, Great Harry carried more soldiers ...
45. The Battleship "H. M. S. Unicorn"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
This 18th century British destroyer carried 32 nine-pound guns. Details of her construction were published in Chapmans Memorandum of Ships in 1768. Quicker but not as heavily armed as battleships, destroyers ...
46. The Battleship "Sovereign of the Seas"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Built in 1637, this ornately carved and gilded British warship was called by Dutch seamen " The Golden Devil" and was said to be 150 years ahead of her time.She was larger and more powerful than ...
47. The Battleship "Royal William"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
This ship was originally constructed in 1670 of timbers collected in winter and dried with fire in such a way that they could not be split by ordinary tools.  In 1728 the Royal William took part in ...
48. The Battleship "Victory"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Built in 1765, Victory was the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson when the British defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar on Oct. 21, 1805. Victorys hull is 53.64 meters ...
49. The Battleship "Galleon"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
First appearing in the early 16th century, the Spanish Galleon quickly became the principle vessel of the Spanish Empire. The Galleon was somewhat more slender than the carracks that Columbus sailed, and ...
50. The Battleship "San Philip"
(Matching tags: craft,battleship)
Built in 1693, the St. Philipe was one of the last warship built in the fading golden age of the Spanish Empire. She was richly decorated and carried enormous firepower for her day on three gun-decks. ...
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