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1. The System Illustration of Beliefs and Superstitions
(Matching tags: belief,documents,superstition)
This is Kanori Ino’s, a Japanese anthropologist, systematic concept on the beliefs and superstitions of the Han people. ......  ...
It depicts three children, the tallest of whom stands in the middle; his hands hold a Ru Yi, under which hang two persimmons, symbolizing all wishes coming true. In Chinese imageries of auspiciousness, ...
3. Ceramic pots
(Matching tags: culture,belief,ceramics,Paiwan)
The Paiwan believe that the tribe was born from a ceramic pot. The Deinagkistrodon acutus is believed to be the ancestor and protector of the Paiwan. Old pots decorated with these snakes or with breasts, ...
4. Wooden Talismans
(Matching tags: belief,talisman)
The Hah used these ferocious looking talismans to avoid evil spirits and hexes. The bottom of the talisman is sharp so it can be fitted onto the door.  
5. Tachia Matsu tour
(Matching tags: god,belief,goddess,Matsu)
The goddess of the sea, Matsu, attracts thousands of believers at every stop of its round-the-island tour from the famous Tachia Temple in central Taiwan.
6. “Lumanlusa” Scripture
(Matching tags: belief,scripture,Naxi)
This is one of the most famous classics in the Dongba script of Naxi people. In the past, whenever young Naxi lovers committed suicide together, a dongba (shaman) would chant this scripture to set their ...
... life experiences, as to form a common culture in the accumulation of worship of supernatural beings. Life experiences and religious beliefs vary with ethnic groups, of which each has developed its own ...