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1. Chu Tung-p'o Hsien-sheng Shih (Annotated Poetry of Su Tung-p'o)
(Matching tags: poetry,Song dynasty,rare books)
This book (註東坡先生詩) is an edition made by the Huai-Dong office in the 6th year of the Song Dynasty’s Jia-ding period (1213). ...... ...
2. Jade Bi
(Matching tags: jade,Song dynasty,plate)
Bi is a disk with round hole in the center. The surface of this artifact is okra yellow and has some black spot of manganese seepage. Cloud patterns are carved throughout the artifact. This is an Song ...
3. Cu'uan, a bracelet with a beast's head design
(Matching tags: accessory,Song dynasty)
The inside of this round artifact is smooth; the outside is delicately carved with Tao-tie patterns. Chuan is an ornamental bracelet. In the beginning both men and women can wear; later on it becomes exclusively ...
4. Ship-shaped silver ingot, casted with three Chinese characters
(Matching tags: currency,silver,Song dynasty)
The shapes of silver ingots in the Song dynasty do not have a particular style. They can be long and flat, kidney shaped, or boat shaped. Of these, kidney shaped was the most popular style, and probably ...