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1. Cello by Antonio Stradivari, c. 1730 ex “Pawle”
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The cello was made in 1730, and it may have been produced by his apprentices under his supervision, since Antonio was in his old age at the time. It is in extremely good condition and the high notes are ...
2. Violin by Antonio Stradivari, 1722 ex “Joachim-Elman”
(Matching tags: violin,Antonio Stradivari,Joachim-Elman)
The violin Joachim-Elman was made in 1722. By this time, Stradivari had already attained a high level of maturity in his technique, but he was still continuously working to refine the details of the violin ...
3. Violin by Antonio Stradivari, 1709 ex “Viotti-Marie Hall”
(Matching tags: violin,Antonio Stradivari)
Antonio Stradivari is considered the most significant figure in the history of violinmaking. His house and workshop have been well-preserved to this day, allowing people to visit. ...  ...