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Gentiana scabrida Hayata var. punctulata Ying (GENTIANACEAE) 黑斑龍膽

Tags: endemic | plant


Gentiana scabrida Hayata var. punctulata Ying (GENTIANACEAE) 黑斑龍膽


The genus Gentiana consists of about 360 species mainly in the temperate area. They are good sources of ornamentals and blue dyes. Roots of some species are used as tonic and in flavoring liqueurs. Thirteen taxa are represented in Taiwan. All but one species, G. davidii var. formosana, are endemic to this island. Gentiana scabrida var. punctulata was published as a new variety by Prof. S. S. Ying of Forestry Department, National Taiwan University in 1978. It occurs in sunny rocky areas at 2,500-3,200 m altitude in the Central Mountain Range north of the Tropic of Cancer. Gentiana scabrida var. punctulata has thicker stems, broader cauline leaves, and longer corolla tubes which are more yellow in comparison to the typical variety.


Photo by Huichun Hsiao
Legend by Ching-I Peng & Maolun Weng
Digital Archives of Indigenous Plants of Taiwan, Academia Sinica

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