Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program

In 2002, Taiwan government initiated the “National Digital Archives Program” to digitize various kinds of archives kept in both public and private institutions in Taiwan; in 2003, it launched the “National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning.” The two programs were officially merged on January 1, 2008 to form the "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program" (TELDAP). TELDAP aims to creatively promote national digital archives and e-learning applications; facilitate the development of Taiwan's culture, society, industry, and economy; disseminate Taiwan's experience in the global community to expand its visibility on the international stage; and sustainably manage national cultural assets as well as develop e-learning applications in industries, academic research, and education.

Teldap.tw promotional video (short)

Teldap.tw promotional video (long)


Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program, (TELDAP)