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Northern Karafuto (by Yushun Kudo)

Tags: flora of Northern Karafuto | plant

Northern Karafuto is now the northern part of Sakhalin, occupied by Japan in 1920-1925. Yushun Kudo, at age of 32, led a plant research project under the commission of Japanese Sakhalin military administration to investigate the resources of Northern Karafuto. Yushun Kudo arrived in Northern Karafuto to carry out the plant collection and investigation more than a month in July, 1922. Yushun Kudo visited the area two more times in August, 1922, and in August-September, 1923, to complete the investigation of 1500 sites. In 1924, he published Flora of Northern Karafuto to present the two-year research results, including scientific names, distribution, taxa of identification, a variety of uses (timber, edible, medicinal, toxic, industrial, green manure, and ornamental uses ), and references. Yushun Kudo invited Taihoku Imperial University as both plant taxonomy professor of Agriculture and Science Department, and the director of Herbarium in 1928. The majority of his specimen collections of Northern Karafuto, Hokkaido and other places were also transferred to the Taihoku Imperial University Herbarium and turned into the extremely precious collections as well as essential research materials for the plant studies in the areas at present day.


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