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The National Day Ceremony in 1949, Presided over by Vice President Chen Cheng

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October 10, 1949, was the fourth National Day after the retrocession of Taiwan. At 9 o’clock that morning, a ceremony was held at the square in front of Chieh Shou Hall, with about 100,000 representatives from all sectors participating to express their love and loyalty to the country. A military parade was held at 10 am with soldiers of the army, navy and air force being inspected, along with an anti-communism protest march with more than 30,000 military soldiers and civilians from Taipei. General Chen Cheng of the Southeast Senior Officers Office gave a speech at the celebration assembly. He said, “Dr. Sun Yat-sen founded the Republic of China and the Director-General Chiang Kai-shek led in the Northern Expedition and the Sino-Japanese War. We have experienced numerous difficulties to complete our revolution. Today, we need to unite under the leadership of Director-General Chiang Kai-shek and Acting President Li Tsung-jen to ensure Taiwan's security first and then to recover mainland China. The most important mission we have today is to fight for freedom of the people and independence of the country.” Deputy Speaker of Taiwan Provincial Council, Lee Wan-chu, told the gathering that, as long as we unite in defending democracy and freedom, we shall have the final victory. Legislator Ms. Hsieh Yuan called on everyone to work hard in his or her post to achieve independence of the country and freedom of the people. A banner of “Double Virtues of Dignity and Character” was presented to General Chen as a tribute by the education sector of Taiwan Province. Afterward, slogans were bellowed and a joint military-civilian anti-communism parade was conducted. At 8 am on October 10, an opening ceremony was held for the bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in front of Zhongshan Hall and was hosted by General Chen. The fund-raising effort to build the statue was launched by the Central Daily News and its readers eagerly responded and actively donated. General Chen, as Chairman of the ceremony, delivered a speech. He said, “Dr. Sun Yat-sen led the revolution for four decades that aims to create a free and equal country. Today we have to unite under the leadership of Director-General Chiang Kai-shek to eliminate communists and re-construct the country.” Fu Ssu-nien, the President of National Taiwan University, said that Dr. Sun Yat-sen was not only a great revolutionary, but also a great thinker. The dedication ceremony drew to a successful conclusion with music and peace doves flying. After the National Day Ceremony, there was a large-scale military inspection of the army, navy and air force. Most magnificent and stirring were those tanks of the Armored Force. Cheers from tens of thousands of spectators ended the National Day Ceremony.


The National Day Ceremony in 1949, Presided over by Vice President Chen Cheng


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