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Seseria formosana (Fruhstorfer, 1909) 台灣瑟弄蝶

Tags: butterfly | insect



Seseria formosana (Fruhstorfer, 1909) 台灣瑟弄蝶


Seseria formosana is endemic to Taiwan. The wings of this species are brown and there are some white spots on the forewings. The hindwings are purely brown while other butterflies in Genus Seseria have distinct white marks on the hindwings. The description here is mostly cited from Hsu (1999), Shirozu (1960) and Hamano (1987).
The larvae feed on plants from the Lauraceae family: Cinnamonum comphora, M. thunbergii, and Sassafras randaiense etc. S. formosana distributes in the basin margins and coastal hills below 1000m in elevation. It is commonly seen near streams and brooks. This species has been recorded in Sulau, Ronhua, Nanshanshi, and Shihtzetou in Taiwan.
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