The Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix (Long feng cheng xiang)

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This set of decorative paintings is made up of two halves. The right half displays a child on a dragon, with a prince’s crown on his head, while the one on the left displays a child sitting astride a phoenix. The attendant child behind each of them carries a colorful scepter, on which hangs a string of fu qian (bat coins), its phrase being somewhat homonymous with fu quan (full blessings). Characters of Long feng and cheng xiang are shown on two corners. Long feng cheng xiang (Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix) is an expression used to congratulate a couple upon their marriage. This kind of paintings is used to decorate the bedroom of a newlywed couple, so treasure and money become less important. Its primary purpose is to wish the newlyweds a great future as if riding a dragon and phoenix, and to wish a happy marriage and the birth of a son soon.

36.5 x52.5 cm

National Museum of History