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God of Wealth

This is a set of two decorative paintings. The background of the paintings is a combination of green earth, red double-happiness patterns, and gouzi (hook) lotus flowers. The paintings each show a standing noble official who is dressed in an official hat and a ceremonial civil-official robe, carrying a brocade scroll. The right scroll reads bao ma tuo lai (the noble steed transports here a thousand-fold profits) and the left one qian long yin jin (the money dragon brings in wealth). On the top are iridescent clouds; in one cloud there is a white steed carrying golden treasures on its back and in the other a blue money dragon. To the rear of the noble officials are attendant children holding colorful scepters, from which hang treasure pots. This set is paintings of blessing used above a room’s door during New Year holiday. Although its main theme is to pray for wealth, wealth has to be acquired through proper channel. 

52 x66 cm

National Museum of History