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Insect taxonomists in Taiwan I

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Tokuichi Shiraki 1882~1970

Shiraki established the insect museum in 1909. After then, insects have been collected intensively and mounted under his leadership. He studied and controlled rice borer Scripophaga incerlulas, The ladybug Redolia cardinalis, a natural enemy of scale insects Icerya purchase, was introduced by him and successfully controlled this pest.


Jinhaku Sonan 1892~1984

Sonan worked on taxonomy of various groups of insects, including Ichneurnons (Hymeonoptera: Ichneumonidae), swallowtails (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), and water scorpions (Hemiptera: Nepidae). Agehana maraho, one of the largest and most recognizable swallowtails, was published by him together with Shiraki.


Royichi Takahashi 1898~1963

Ryoichi Takahashi worked on taxonomy of hemipteran insects, including aphis, whiteflies, scale insects, and stripes in Taiwan. Taxonomy of these insects has been established by his extensive collections and publications. Totally, there are more than 450 papers published by him. Such as “Thsanoptera of Formosa” and “Aphididae of Formosa”are very important references for Taiwanese taxonomists, He deposited all slide specimens at the TARI.

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