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Squared bronze seal, with an auspicious animal shaped knob

Tags: bixie | seal

Seals in the Qin dynasty were called “Xi”. However, when the Qin Emperor unified “the world,” however, only the stamp of the emperor could be called Xi. The stamps of the officials and general public were called Yin. After the Tang Dynasty, the stamps used by the emperors were called both Xi and Bao, and the stamps of the officials and those for private use were called stamps, seals, official seals, chops, red chops, government seals and marks. There are Bixie buttons on both of the East Han “golden Bixie button seals”. Bixie is a lucky legendary animal, shaped like lions and tigers. They are often seen in stone engravings or jade engravings in the tombs of East Han. Nevertheless, the Bixie buttons on the seal could only be seen on the seals of the East Han dynasty. wo copper seals are square. The “Chengxin seal” and “Duanxin seal” were engraved with plain text, the lines of the script are straight, and the shapes of the script were square, even though it was “Muo Zhu” style script. However, it did not have the style of the Hiao Zhu. Instead, it had a clerical style, which was very popular from East Han to Wei Jin.

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