Tzy-Yang Destroyer

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.Length:390 ft.   
.Width:41 ft. 1 in.
.Max. Speed:35 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:12 kts.  
.Draft:18 ft.   
.Displacement:3,480 tons(maximum)
                            2,425 tons(standard)


DDG-930 Tse-Yang was the ex-USS Hawkins, the Gearing-class (FRAM I) destroyer, DD-873, laid down by Consolidated Steel, Orange, TX. On May 14, 1944, launched on October 7, 1944 and commissioned on February 10, 1945. She had participated in World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War etc. with splendid merits.

Stricken on October 1, 1979, transferred to Taiwan, ROC, re-commissioned on July 9, 1983 by Admiral Liu He-Chian, the former Commander-In-Chief of ROC Navy and renamed Tse-Yang with the hull number DDG-930. DDG-930 Tse-Yang was in service of ROC Navy for 16 years and had been through 13 commanding officers.

The mission was patrolling the cross-strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore-islands-support-and-supply, midshipman training cruise, task flotilla, salvage and rescues and various missions. She played an important role on the Navy force built-up and fleet combat readiness, secure the safety of cross-strait and maritime communications. Finally, the DDG-930 Tse-Yang was decommissioned October 16, 1998.

Admiral Liu He-Chian held the commissioning ceremony of DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang performed personnel inspection.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang performed replenishment exercise at sea with AR-521, ROCS Yu-Tai.


I was assigned as the XO of DDG-930 in June 1988, at that time, Tse-Yang was the first destroyer with new hull number DDG-930 in ROC Navy.

Since the combat system of DDG-930 is the conventional “37” system without any modernization or upgrade, so they called DDG-930 a “standard” destroyer. Though the systems and equipment are not upgraded, the DDG-930 still accomplished every task and exercise such as ASW combined exercises, convoying, patrolling and task flotilla with great achievements. During Han-Kwan Joint Exercise in 1989, we successfully launched the ASROC and torpedoes to demonstrated the best combat capabilities of Yang-class destroyers.

DDG-930 Tse-Yang keeps lots of great traditions and honors through previous Commanding Officers, the moral, disciplines and the combat readiness of the crews and the ship is highly motivated.

Though DDG-930 is decommissioned in 1998, the upper-deck construction is moved to be displayed in the ROC Naval Academy, Tsoying Kaohsiung for demonstration. As an officer and has served on the DDG-930, I am so proud to be part of Tse-Yang's glory history.


General Chang Chi-Hon
has served as the X.O on DD-930 in June 1988 

Admiral Sung, Charng-Jyh, the defense minister boarded the DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang performed 5-in gun firing exercise at sea.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang launched the ASROC during the Tzu-Chyang IV exercise.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang performed the boat bill exercise.

The crews of DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang performed nuclear,biological and chemical protection exercise.

The DD-930, ROCS Tzy-Yang sails at sea.


Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)