Po-Yang Destroyer

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.Length:376 ft.   
.Width:40 ft. 4 in.
.Max. Speed:34 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:15 kts.  
.Draft:15 ft. 8 in.
.Displacement:3,320 tons(maximum)
                           2,200 tons(standard)


DDG-910 was the ex-USS Maddox, the Sumner-class destroyer, DD-731, laid down  by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath ME. On October 28, 1943, launched on March 19,  1944 and commissioned on June 2, 1944. Stricken on July 2, 1972, and transferred to  ROC Navy on July 6, 1972, USS Maddox was renamed Po-Yang with the hull number DD-10, later DD-928, then DD-910 in 1979.

The mission of DDG-910 was patrolling the cross-strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore islands support and supply, midshipman training cruise, task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the Navy force built-up and fleet combat readiness, secure the safety of cross-strait and Maritime communications. Finally, the DDG-910, Po-Yang was decommissioned on June 30, 1984 due to the damaged main engines and aging ship structures.

The DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang visited Guam while performed the Midshipman Cruise Training in 1975.

The change command for the incoming Commanding Officer of DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang.

General Hau Bo-Tsueng, the Chairman of General Chief of Staffs, MND boarded and reviewed DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang.


Back in 1972, the US government planned to sell the DD-731, the ex-USS Maddox, to ROC, and I was selected by the Navy to go to Long Beach, CA for the ship-transferring training because of my specialty on engineering. It was a surprise for me to receive training courses in the US navy, all my colleagues are proud of me. The commanding officer managed many recreation events for all the crew, of course, we all did our best to work hard and brought the destroyer back to Taiwan.

Chief Yang-Chia Liang
served as the Engineer Chief at DD-910 from 1972 to 1973


The DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang performed the commissioning training.

The DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang performed the replenishment exercise at sea.

The officers and crews of DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang participated the celebrating event with the Naval Shipyards personnel.

The photograph of Admiral Lee and officers of 1975 Midshipman Cruise Training Squadron on DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang.

The commanding officer of DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang announced the new officers in front of the crews.

The officers and crews of DD-910, ROCS Po-Yang participated the anniversary events.



 Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)