Colored-in divination tortoise plastron (Part3 1, R043986)

Tags: divination | oracle bone | Shang dynasty | turtle shell | Wu Ding

Obtained in the Institute of History and Philology's 13th excavation, it is one of the oracle bones excavated from the well-known pit YH127. It belongs to a late period of the age of Wu Ding. The penned characters of the engraved inscription have been additionally filled in with color – the large characters with vermillion, and the small characters with brown. The oracular inscription's contents primarily have to do with punitive expeditions. Two strokes were used to carve the large characters, which fully demonstrate an energetic calligraphic style.


Rubbing dimensions: length 30.34 cm, width 22.76 cm Object dimensions: length 28.6 cm, width 20.5 cm


Excavation date: 1936, 13th Xiaotun excavation
Place of excavation: Xiaotun, Anyang County, Henan Province


Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
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