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Headdress from the Tsou Tribe

Tags: clothing | headdress | Tsou

Acquired by Wang, Sung-hsing (1958, Alishan, Chiayi County)
Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

This object was probably used in the 1930s. It is an ensemble with silver chains and pendants. On the decorative border of its square silver foil, the patterns of lunaria annua and picturesque patterns were engraved. Piercing and hanging are the basic skills employed on this handwork. The seams in the two sides were pierced through by red cotton cloth, as the bands of this object. To wear it, one should put the scarf on his head, and then decorate his forehead with silver chains. Finally he can fix the piece by pulling the two strings back and tying them together behind the head. This type of forehead accessory is very likely to be obtained through transactions with Han people.

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