Lifting the Spirit and Body: The Art and Culture of Snuff Bottles
Starting in the second half of the seventeenth century, the Western fashion of consuming snuff made its way into China. The Qing dynasty turned them into treasured curios of the emperors. From the Qianlong reign onwards, the production of small and exquisite snuff bottles had already become a fashion, with all kinds of craftsmanship techniques appearing in miniature proportions.

This exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, which will end on June 20, 2013 ( is divided into four parts: "Of Western Import: Snuff Boxes from Europe," "New Developments: Snuff Bottles by the Qing Court," "Spreading in Popularity: A Competition of Splendor," and "Converging Tastes: Social and Cultural Exchanges." The display includes various snuff boxes and bottles as well as related paraphernalia, reflecting how the Qing court responded to the European fashion of snuff to create a unique culture of snuff bottles, at the same time revealing an appreciation for the beauty of snuff vessels that brings together the best of Chinese and Western craftsmanship.