Unveiled: Restoring the Permanent Collection

The exhibition, currently showing at Taipei Fine Arts Museum until May 26, 2013, is a retrospective exhibition presenting major works restored from the museum's permanent collection. In addition to exhibiting these restored oil, ink, gouache and paper-based works, the museum has included images of the restoration process which started in 1998. By presenting unexpected discoveries such as unique mountings and materials, signatures and paintings within paintings, made possible by x-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, compositional analysis, and visible light spectrography, we can better understand these artwork and the artists who made them. The exhibition (http://www.tfam.museum/TFAM_Exhibition/exhibitionDetail.aspx?PMN=2&ExhibitionId=443&PMId=443) is divided into four areas entitled Visible and Invisible, Science and Dialog, Remembering History and Reappearing Art, and also includes a screening area where films related to the museum's restoration work are shared with the public.