True Illusion, Illusory Truth - Contemporary Art Beyond Ordinary Experience
The concept of this exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum ( is inspired by the tales "The Mural" and “The Painter.” “The Mural” is a tale of a person transcending mundane space and time; “The Painter” is a tale of a person experiencing the extraordinary within the mundane world. In the current age when the dividing line between daily life and art has vanished, this exhibition explores such dimensions as human desire, artistic emotional projection (therapy), art institutions, interpersonal relationships and social life. Through the works of 19 different contemporary artists and art groups – works with a variety of subjects and forms, such as two-dimensional art, body art, performance art, video, installation and interactive projects – it examines the two themes of “illusion imitating reality” in the future and the past and “reality imitating illusion” in our current condition. The exhibition will close on May 19, 2013.