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Dual-color woolen garment in beige and blue (米藍雙色毛料立領)

The beginning of the republic of China Era (1945~1960’s)
Length: 135 cm

An extremely rare item, this garment was worn by Song Maylin, also known as Madame Chiang Keishek, from 1945 to 1955. The ground is made of dual-colored beige and blue woven textile whereas the lining is a beige synthetic fiber. The style is rather close-fitting, with a shaped waistline, smocking front, and narrow sleeves. The right side was designed with an open front while the collar has been sewn with three pearl buttons and another six hidden buttons. On each cuff is a hidden button, with the right side sewn in a zigzag. The collar, the placket, the lower hem as well as the sleeve cuffs have been piped with the floral edging bands in black, white and read. This garment has two 36-cm side slits, with worm embroidery at the top for reinforcement.


Digital Archives Program of Textiles and Clothing, Department of Textiles and Clothing, Fu-Jen Catholic University