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Cheirotonus macleayi formosanus Ohaus (Formosan Long-armed Scarab) 台灣長臂金龜

Scientific name:Cheirotonus macleayi formosanus Ohaus
English name:Formosan Long-armed Scarab
Chinese name:台灣長臂金龜 

The Formosan Long-armed Scarab is a large-sized beetle with a body length of roughly 7-11 cm. The males have elongated front legs that can reach 6-8 cm in length, while the females have shorter front legs that grow to about 5.5 cm only. The beetle has a lustrous, dark brown body, and a head dented in the center while slightly raised on the edge. Its pronotum is longitudinally grooved in the center, finely serrated at the edge, and covered with specks. Its elytra are covered with drab markings of various sizes. Its belly is covered with short brown hair, with the longest hairs at the end. They are commonly found in the mountainous regions of the whole island. Endemic to Taiwan, the Formosan long-armed scarab is listed as a rare and valuable, endemic subspecies of conservation.


Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection