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Anotogaster sieboldii (Selys) (Jumbo Dragonfly (Siebold's Dragonfly)) 無霸勾蜓

Scientific name:Anotogaster sieboldii (Selys)
English name:Jumbo Dragonfly (Siebold's Dragonfly)
Chinese name:無霸勾蜓


The Jumbo Dragonfly is classified as Odonata, in the Cordulegastridae family. The abdominal length of the males is 6.8-7.5 cm, and the hind wing is 5.8 cm. The body span of females can reach 7.8-8.5 cm. It may be regarded as the biggest dragonfly in Taiwan. The males are relatively smaller than the females. Its compound eyes are vivid green and only slightly connected at its back. Black in body color, it has a comma-shaped yellow pattern seen in the front thorax. Its lateral thorax has two big yellow bands and segmented yellow patches on the second to the eighth abdomen. The Jumbo Dragonfly is widely distributed across Taiwan around creeks and ditches at the altitude below 1,600 meters.
Other than Taiwan, this dragonfly also inhabits in Sakhalin Island, Japan, eastern China and other regions. It is listed as a rare and valuable, endemic subspecies of conservation concern in Taiwan.

Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection