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Letter from Hsia Nai to Fu Ssu-nien and Li Chi (夏鼐致傅斯年、李濟函)

This letter contains the survey and excavation reports of the Northwest China Expedition Team. It records the scholar Hsiang Ta's purchase of fragments of the Saddharmapundarīka-sūtra(Lotus Sutra) for the team as well as the team's purchase of manuscripts of the Aparamitāyur-nāma-mahāyānasūtra(Great Vehicle Sutra of the One of Immeasurable Lifespan), Wei-mo shou-chi, and Wei-mo-ching shih-ch'ien têng hsiao-ch'ao (the last three manuscripts were written in the end of the T'ang dynasty or during the Five Dynasties period). The amount paid for the last three manuscripts was over three tan and three tou of wheat(equivalent to approximately 225 kilograms). A tan of wheat was worth about six thousand dollars (fiat currency) at the time of the purchase.

25th November, 1944



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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