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Chariot Wheel Ornaments: Nave-sheathing (outer end) Nave-sheathing (inner end) (車輪飾—轂飾軹端、轂飾賢端)

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The nave is the thickest portion of the chariot wheel axle, used to link the axle to the spokes. In order to protect the chariot axle and also to beautify the chariot, the nave of Western Chou chariots was often wrapped in bronze.
The four groups of long nave-sheathing from this tomb are the longest, most ornate Western Chou nave-sheathings discovered thus far. The tripartite bronze nave-sheathing was cast as a whole piece decorated with coiled ch’ih dragons and “人” shaped patterns.

Mid 11th century-771 B.C.

Length 20.9, diameter of two ends 18.8, 11.5 cm;
Length 32.0 diameter of two ends 17.9, 9.0 cm

Horse and Chariot Pit M3, Hsin-hsien, Honan, Chun-hsien Honan



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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