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A Refreshing Lotus-Song by Li Tai-Hsiang (lyrics from poetry) (一朵青蓮-李泰祥)

I.    Lyrics (translated from Chinese)

The low reverberation also becomes the past.
Only deep and cold star light, illuminates the horizon.
A refreshing lotus, standing in the water filed, and thinking along under the moon and stars.
It is the thing-in-itself can be appreciated, it is the fragrance and beauty can be resounded.
A refreshing lotus, has the moon’s haziness,
Has the classicality of stars reflecting on the lotus pond.
Crossing the wetness and muddiness here and there, it is so beautiful.
The meditation is deep and wide. Mask, mask, makes it unfamiliar and forbid staring eye to eye.
There is form in the shadow, and there is shadow in the water. A lotus that steadily contemplates the sky and does not clamor with others. The purple color is toward the evening, toward the long window of the sun.
Although there are drops of water on lotus leaf, but you never cry,
Still have dense green. Still have beautiful red.
Rise up high in the flowing cold waves.

Lyrics written by Jung-Tzu (蓉子)

只有沉寒的星光 照亮天邊
有一朵青蓮 在水之田 在星月之下獨自思吟
可觀賞的是本體 可傳誦的是芬美
一朵青蓮 有一種月色的朦朧 
幽思遼闊 面紗面紗 陌生而不能相望
影中有形 水中有影 一朵靜觀天宇而不事喧嚷的蓮 紫色向晚 向夕陽的長窗
儘管荷蓋上承滿了水珠 但你從不哭泣
仍舊有蓊鬱的青翠 仍舊有妍婉的紅燄
從澹澹的寒波 擎起

Chi Yu (齊豫)

II.    About this Song

Exposition of the music:
The song came from Jung-Tzu’s poem, “A Refreshing Lotus.” The whole song only uses piano and vocal to present lotus’s elegance and aura. In the middle period, the singer recites the lyrics, implying lotus’s lofty spirit for not comprising with the environment. Meanwhile, the song also symbolizes artist’s personal mood – during the lonely creative process or while is criticized by others, the artist can still be like the refreshing lotus, standing still in this world.

III.    Manuscript

Earliest handwritten manuscript (page 1) of “A Refreshing Lotus” (1979)    Application form (page 1) to Government Information Office of “A Refreshing Lotus” (1979)


To view the story of Li Tai-Hsiang, please go to Li Tai-Hsiang, the Native Musician of Taiwan.
Text and images are provided by The Native Musician of Taiwan-Tai-Hsiang Li Digital Archive, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan