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Plectranthias whiteheadi 懷特氏棘花鱸

Scientific Name:     Plectranthias whiteheadi       
Nomenclater:     Randall, 1980
Family:     F338  Serranidae
Holotype-Locality:     Kai Is, Indonesia
Habitats:     Coral、Benthos、Coastal     
Economic Fish:     No
Habitats Depth:     50 - 240 M     
Aquarium Fish:     No
Poisonous Fish:     No     
Edible Fish:     Yes
Synonyms:     Anthias megalepis, Plectranthias chungchowensis  
Reference:     Shen, S. C. etc 1993. Fishes of Taiwan.、Plectranthias sheni, a new species and P. kamii, a new record of anthiine fishes (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Taiwan(Chen & Shao, 2002)  Yoshino, T. 1972 Randall, J. E. 1980 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 Chen, J. P. etc. 2002  文獻
Redlist Status:     IUCN Redlist: Vulnerable(VU)   IUCN Group
Common Name in Engulish:     Whitehead's basslet
Chinese Name transliteration:     huai te shih ji hua lu, huai te ji hua ci, hua lu
Distribution in Taiwan:     West、South
Distribution in World:     Australia
Max Lenth:      7.68 cm
Specimen List:      ASIZP0056182. ASIZP0056199. ASIZP0056227. NTMP0385. NTUM03721. NTUM03724. NTUM04463. RUSI27642.  Download 8 records Download 8 records
Characteristic:     Dosal spine base connected with rays base, X, 16, the III longest; anal rays III, 7; pelvic fin abdominal position; pectoral fin elongated, 13; caudal fin truncated closely. Gill rakers 5-6 on upper limb, 9-10 on lower limb, body depth 2.8-2.9 times in standard length. Body color yellowish or white, body back covered with many irrgular reddish orange blotches, sometimes with yellowish ones. 
Habitats:     Inhabits continental shelves, 100 - 236 m, demersal, carnivorous, feed on small fish and crustacean.
Distribution     Western Pacific: Taiwan to Celebes, Indonesia and Western Australia.
Utility:     Small basslet, not commercial species.



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