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Sinogastromyzon puliensis 埔里中華爬岩鰍

Scientific Name:    Sinogastromyzon puliensis         
Nomenclater:    Liang, 1974
Family:    F107  Balitoridae
Holotype-Locality:    Taiwan
Habitats:    Fresh Water      
Economic Fish:     No
Habitats Depth:    0 - 10 M      
Aquarium Fish:     Yes
Poisonous Fish:    No      
Edible Fish:     No
Reference:    Shen, S. C. (ed.) (1993). Fishes of Taiwan. Department of Zoology, National Taiwan University, Taipei. 960 p. Tzeng CS (1996). The freshwater fishes of Taiwan. Taiwan Province Department of Education. Taichung. 183 p. Yue PQ (ed.) (2000). Fauna sinica, Os  Liang, Y. S. 1974 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 陳義雄,方力行 1999 樂佩琦 等編 Yue Peiqi et al. (eds.) 2000 
Redlist Status:    2009-04-01COA, Taiwan Redlist: Vulnerable   IUCN Redlist: Vulnerable(VU)  
Common Name in Engulish:    Pulin river loach
Chinese Name transliteration:    pu li hua su ciou, pu li jhong hua pa yan ciou
Distribution in Taiwan:    Middle、South  
Distribution in World:    Taiwan
Max Lenth:     9 cm
Specimen List:     ASIZP0056978. ASIZP0059717. NMMBP02663. NMMBP02690. NMMBP03902. NMMBP05202. NMMBP05492. NMMBP05645. NMMBP05915. NMMSTP00659. NMNSF00002. NMNSF00017. NMNSF01484. NTHUB00729. NTHUB00731. NTHUB00749. NTHUB00750. NTHUB00751. NTHUB00756. NTHUB00757. NTHUB00760. NTHUB00776. NTHUB00798. NTHUB00802. NTHUB00813. NTHUB00933. NTHUB00953. NTHUB00955. NTHUB00956. NTHUB00960. NTHUB00961. NTHUB00962. NTHUB00963. NTHUB01004. NTHUB01005. NTHUB01006. NTHUB01007. NTHUB01008. NTHUB01805. NTHUB02146. NTHUB02147. NTHUB02148. NTHUB02149. NTHUB02150. NTHUB02151. NTHUB02152. NTHUB02153. ...List all 85...       
Characteristic:    Snout short, wider than depth. Mouth inferior, arched; three rostral fold in front of mouth. Four maxillary barbells in a row, two pairs of mandibular barbells at corner of mouth. Body thin, posterior laterally compressed; ventral profile horizontal to origin of anal; dorsal moderately arched. Scales small, ventral surface of head, thorax and abdomen naked; lateral line scales complete. L.l.:50-65; dorsal fin rays:3+8; pectoral fin rays:10-12+12-14; pelvic fin rays:6-8+14-17; anal fin rays:2+5. Pectoral and pelvic fins laterally expanded; pelvic fin continuous to form a sucker; anus near anal fin origin; caudal fin forked. Dorsal fin origin slightly behind pelvic fin origin. Brownish. Some dark blotches along back. Black stripes on all fins.  
Habitats:    Primary freshwater fish, lives in fast running water of middle and low elevation. Benthic, against running water by pelvic sucker. Polyphagia, feed on aquatic insects and diatom on rock. Migration behavior was observed in the fish ladder of Chichi Weir of
Distribution:    Endemic to western Taiwan, found in Tachia River, Tatu River, Choshui River, Tsengwen River and Kaoping River.
Utility:    Non.



Text and images are provided by The Fish Datebase of Taiwan (Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)