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Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (Jorgensen) F.C. Harrison








This species of fungus is widely found on terrestrial, aquatic and miscellaneous substrates around the world, and can be isolated from many different sources: found in grounded chili pepper powder (Capsicum frutescens) from Spain; on the maggots of Drosophila pilimanae in Hawaii; obtained from rotten Eucryphia cordifolia in Chile; isolated from Smut fungi-infected leaves from southern France; found on humans, heat sterilized beers and in air from Japan and Italy. This species of fungus have been isolated from the sea and river water of Taiwan.

Feature descriptions
Grown on YM agar:
Culture for seven days at 25℃, colonies are colored salmon-red, with smooth, shiny surfaces, slight bulges and flat edges.

Grown in YM medium:
Culture for three days at 25℃, cells are egg-shaped, and dimensions are 4.5 – 6.8 x 4.0-8.0 microns, arranged in small clusters of single, pair-wise or short-chain configurations. Reproduce in polyp buds. No pseudohypha when grown on Corn Meal Agar for 21 days at 25℃.

Culture study
Biochemical and physiological parameters of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (CCRC22960) based on the Biolog YT microplate analysis and conventional biochemical identification.

National Museum of Natural Science